TikTok for iPhone

Today, few people are able to compete with an application like Tik Tok. It is popular in all countries of the world, and the number of installations has long jumped the billion mark. Today we’ll talk about why it’s so good and why people are so eager to download TikTok for free on iPhone.

Installation requirements

In order for TT to be installed on your device without errors, you must fulfill a number of conditions:

  1. You definitely need an updated “Apple ID“, there’s not much you can do without it.
  2. Stable internet.
  3. One of the latest versions of iOS.
  4. Free memory of 300 MB minimum, more is better.

All of these rules apply to downloads from Epp Store, but some will be useful for other purposes as well. Tik Tok on iPhone

Please note! Apple discourages the inst
Download TikTok for iPhone

The Best Benefits of Tik Tok

So why is this app so popular? It appeals to both young people and a much more mature audience. And here’s why:

  • the presence of a huge music base for every taste;
  • easy to use and intuitive interface;
  • a lot of special effects;
  • Easy editing that Tik Tok himself can do;
  • the ability to share the video on any social network;
  • a variety of video content on a variety of topics, the ease of selecting it to suit your taste.


It is generally accepted that Tik Tok took the idea from Instagram, because they are really very similar visually.

We are greeted by the following active buttons:

  • At the top are “Subscriptions” and “Recommendations“. These are two tapes – one of the people you are interested in, and the other is matched to your tastes;
  • on the left is the “Live” button, which will take you to the live broadcasts that are currently active;
  • on the right is a magnifying glass that will take you to the search, exactly the same in the bottom menu called “Interesting“;
  • in the lower menu, by clicking on the plus, we can find ourselves in the TT camera, where the shooting or loading of ready-made content takes place;
  • Inbox” button leads to notifications and SMS section;
  • Profile” leads to your personal page, as well as general application settings.

How to install

In order for TT to be on your device, do the following:

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Enter “Tik Tok” into the search bar.
  3. Go to the first application, install it.


Now it’s time to register your own account. We can choose one of several options: register via a phone number or email (you will have to confirm via an activation code), or go through authorization through any social network. Tik Tok registration

Be very careful with your choice of password! Do not enter your personal data there, such as your date of birth or your last name and first name, it is better to come up with something original, complex, so as not to lose your account in one day.


Tik Tok gives everyone the opportunity to become a popular person, for this you just need to regularly shoot videos, make them fun for others. But to get started, we must go through the stage of installing the application and registering in the system.

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