Why Tik Tok takes up a lot of space

Currently, most users, when installing Tik Tok, notice the problem of “fullness” of memory. You could download and see one number of megabytes, and after a while it exceeded one or more GB. The smartphone becomes clogged, and a little later the application may start to work incorrectly. Why does Tik Tok take up a lot of space? For what reason is this happening?


The very first thing we turn to is one of the most convenient features that Tik Tok provides us. Namely, the storage of our unpublished videos, which we can supplement at any time, edit or view for ourselves personally – drafts. drafts

This is a kind of folder, like a gallery. Only those videos that have not yet become full-fledged content or are simply temporarily not ready for uploading are uploaded there. And they are saved only on your device, which is why it goes into memory, and not to the TT server.

Over time, the number of drafts increases, which means that Tik Tok weighs more than one, and maybe not even two gigabytes, but much more. This is starting to get stressful.

What do we do

We have three options: we have to review everything, delete what we don’t need. Let’s start with this. Surely there is something lying around that you have even forgotten about.

The next step is to find those that you definitely need to complete and remember them for yourself.

And the last thing – we are looking for those that are not ready for sharing in the public domain, but in general there is no desire to get rid of them. With such drafts, we will carry out a separate work. Namely:

  1. Go to the video we need.
  2. We edit or simply bring it to the state we need at this particular stage.
  3. In the section “Who can view this video”, select “Only me”.
  4. Click on “Publish”.

Now we have a video that only we see, but it is stored on the basis of the application itself. And besides, at any time it can be made visible, if necessary.

Clear cache

The cache of your TT is also clogged. Let’s talk about how to clean it:

  1. Go to your profile through the bottom menu (rightmost button).
  2. Click on the three parallel lines in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll to Cache and mobile data.
  4. Click on “Free up space”.free up space

Be careful, because The cache also includes clearing drafts. Therefore, do not click on this button just like that.


We can detect an unpleasant thing – full memory on the smartphone. You can solve this by clearing the cache or drafts in TT. As a last resort, resort to a complete removal and reinstallation of the application.

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