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Tik Tok is one of the most popular video apps. Users loved it so much that they exchange videos every day at any time of the day or night. To do this, they are initially added to friends. In this article, we will understand what Tik Tok account id is and how to find it.


The ID of our account is our nickname. In the same way, we can define it not only for ourselves, but for any other profile too. To do this, just open the page of a specific person (or your own), and then pay attention to the line under the profile picture.

We have only two similar ones – one on top, this is the name that is displayed for friends, it can be anything, the same name can be occupied by thousands of users, it does not affect anything. tik tok account id

And there is below – it looks like this @user_name. This will be the ID, as well as your nickname, which we chose during registration. It must be unique, not repeated with any existing account.

We can find it in each user’s profile. The ID is also considered to be a link to this profile.

How to change

Now let’s talk about whether it is possible to change the id in Tik Tok. Actually, it’s quite simple. But there are some nuances.

If the usual displayed nickname for friends changes at least a hundred times a day, we have the right to change the ID only once a month. A little more about changing the id, as well as some tricks on how to get around the restrictions, read in our other article called “How to change your name on TikTok“.

Now we just click on the “Change Profile” button, which is located under our avatar, after which we see the following inscriptions: Name, and Username. We need a second button, click there, and in the window that appears, enter something new, after which we save the result. Remember, it cannot be repeated.

Search by ID

How to watch is understandable, but how to find a Tik Tok account by id?

To do this, we go through the bottom menu to the “Interesting” button under the magnifying glass sign. We will open the page, and on top there will be a search bar. We tap there, and then enter the dog and the id of the user we are interested in. how to find id


Viewing the username is quite simple, done through a personal profile. If we are faced with the task of finding someone by this nickname, we can simply drive into the search after entering the dog.

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