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In social networks, trends change at the speed of light. Now on TikTok, videos are at the peak of popularity, where the focus is on a person who instantly changes his image. How to shoot Tik Tok dressing up and change the appearance “by waving a magic wand” is not yet known to everyone. At the same time, such clips on the social network are gaining hundreds and thousands of views, which means it is important to keep up with new trends.

Crossdressing video popularity

Tik Tok was created for teenagers. The majority of users are aged 14 and under 25. Young people are attracted by exciting short videos with unusual actions in the frame. One of these trends was the instant change of clothes in the frame.

The beginning of the growing popularity of the trend was a flash mob where, after a second turn off the light, the couple changed clothes. The clips showed unprecedented reach and the trend continued.Flip The Switch Challenge,The point of the video is not the actual dressing up. This is just an original addition to the main plot. Topics can be completely different:

  • beginning of the dance in casual clothes and a second transformation into a ball gown;
  • exchange of clothes between a guy and a girl during a dialogue;
  • several images of the same person in different roles;
  • dressing children or animals.
Important! On TikTok, the video lasts no more than 1 minute, so it is important to think over the script so that you have time to convey the meaning, and dressing up the protagonist will add dynamism to the video.

How to make a dress-up video

Any TT user will be able to create their own dress-up video. To do this, you do not have to become a blogger and thoroughly understand all the secrets of the social network.

The procedure is clear even for beginners:

  1. Download App Tik Tok .
  2. Register or log in to go to your personal profile.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, start with the “+” icon located in the center.start shooting video
  4. Set the planned duration of the clip – short for 15 seconds or long for 1 minute.
  5. To start recording, click on the round red button and start the action in the frame.how to start shooting videos
  6. At the time of the planned transformation, pause the shooting by pressing the same red button in the center and change clothes.
  7. Return to the same position in the frame so that the video appears as if the recording did not stop.
  8. Click the red button and continue recording.
  9. To end capturing, click the “” icon and the video will be published.end video shooting

Movie recording can be paused multiple times. Videos with originally selected musical accompaniment look more effective. They are the ones that get the most views.

Video Ideas

Just changing clothes is not enough, it is important to present the moment of dressing creatively. In addition to a well-thought-out plot and a well-chosen track, it is important to beat the moment of reincarnation itself. идеи для видео

Several proven methods.

  1. Start shooting by putting a dress (or any other clothes) on a hanger in the frame, press pause and continue in this dress.
  2. To beat the moment of changing clothes with some kind of sharp movement: jumping, snapping fingers in front of the camera, wiping the lens or mirror.
  3. Move around in different clothes. Leave the room in one outfit, and enter the next room in a different one.
  4. Trick with the bride. The girl in the frame catches the bouquet, and the video continues already in a wedding dress.
  5. A child is dancing in a red T-shirt. A blue T-shirt is thrown at him. The next second he is in it.

Previously, the trend was surprise at the change of clothes by the acting character himself. This feature is now obsolete.

Important! Dressing up can be supplemented with effects. After the end of video recording in TT, you can add inscriptions, masks, music, slow down or speed up individual fragments. All add-ons are available in the same application absolutely free.

Which themes are suitable

Thousands of videos with the thematic hashtag #dressing up appear on TikTok every day. Not every video like this gets millions of views. However, there are proven stories that are responded to in most cases.

Examples of suitable themes for cross-dressing shoots:

  • singing popular songs “out loud” to the soundtrack;
  • all kinds of flash mobs and challenges (videos in which you need to complete certain tasks);
  • dance, acrobatic number or any other movements accompanied by music (clothes can be changed with the composition).
  • fun and entertaining videos;
  • videos with voice-over

Coming up with their own stories or using proven ones, netizens create interesting content that will not let subscribers get bored. The brighter and more unique the videos are, the more views they will gain.

How to increase monetization by dressing up

To make a profit from your TT account, you need to promote your profile, properly style the header and regularly (at least 2 times a week) replenish the page with high-quality content. Current trends and popular topics should not be overlooked. You need to keep track of fashion trends and have time to shoot videos on the topic. how to increase monetization from dressing up

The income of the author directly depends on the number of subscribers. It is quite difficult to capture the attention of a million-strong audience, so some wind up subscribers through special programs. Doing this is not recommended.

Important! If you increase the number of subscribers by cheating, you can get banned for a long time. The TT administration strictly monitors the honesty of its audience.

Now the video with dressing up at the peak of popularity. Such videos are on the pages of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Olga Buzova.

Original videos with good coverage bring authors not only likes, but also “gifts”, which can then be easily cashed out.


Everyone can record Tik Tok with dressing up. Everything you need is in the application itself. The most popular bloggers and world celebrities are already posting such videos. If you come up with a decent story and beautifully present the clip to your subscribers, you can earn not only popularity, but also real money.

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