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For each user, social networks have their own character. Some spend time there for the purpose of entertainment, others take out useful information for themselves, and still others provide themselves with a fairly comfortable life with the help of social networks. But still, many of us cannot get past music, and quite often after visiting any venue, we want to keep something for ourselves on an ongoing basis. In this article, we will analyze the topic “how to download a collection from Tik Tok“.

First of all, we can safely say that Tik Tok is one of the most musical applications, and what exactly, and music there can be found for every taste. In addition, there are quite a lot of popular renditions now that originated on Tik Tok.Why are Tik Tok songbooks so popular

The fact that Tik Tok “gives out” hits is a regularity. Firstly, bloggers themselves play a role here and their ability to put the video under a certain track in such a way that ordinary users sometimes want to watch it dozens of times. Such videos always stay at the top of the tops and regularly appear in our feeds. The move is also successful – the use of old hits, which many simply forgot about, but with great pleasure they will listen more than once. And the same pattern applies to completely new artists who pay crazy money so that successful bloggers use their work.

As a result, be that as it may, but there are many compositions, and sometimes collections that you want to download to your phone and computer to listen to at any time.

And another important point: as you know, Tik Tok has strict time limits, so sometimes, having heard cool music, there is still no way to listen to the song from beginning to end.

How to download music from Tik Tok

It would seem that the simplest solution to this issue would be to click one button and save the composition to the device, but unfortunately, everything is not so simple here and you still need to tinker a little.

Instruction for PC

Since we do not have the ability to download directly from the application, we can use a little trick. It lies in the fact that users independently collect collections from TT and place them on various sites. For example, there are sites,,, as well as VKontakte and Yandex.Music. You can drive the track you are interested in into the search engine, or simply request a selection, indicating one of the sites we have written. download music from tik tok

If the site you have selected has a “Download” icon, then select it. For other cases (VK, Yandex), you can install special programs, browser extensions, and so on. It is they who help such a button appear.

Usually, the download occurs as a whole folder or archive that needs to be unpacked. For this, the WIN.rar application is useful. If you don’t have it yet, be sure to install via official website of the developers.

For smartphones

We can offer a way for Android owners. Install “Downloader for” or “MuseSave” for yourself. These are special programs that will help us in this matter.

Business here is just a couple of minutes – install, go to TT, copy the link and paste it into the application. And then choose what to download – and you’re done!

Third Party Resources

At the moment, there are a huge number of sites from where you can download tracks by simply driving in the artist and name, for example, the site has been popular for many years, and it also exists as an application on a smartphone.

You can also use the extensions of your browsers, just enter the name of your browser (Opera, Google, Yandex) and the name “Download music” into the search engine.

Use Shazam to search for tracks whose names you don’t know.


The huge variety of compositions in Tik Tok is simply amazing. Something is sure to catch on. To download, you can use one of the methods that we have suggested to you.

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