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Just a year ago, it was very easy for young bloggers to develop and make money on Tik Tok (TT). Now the network is growing exponentially, competition is increasing and advertising is indispensable. For those who know what is TikTok PR and know how to use it, it is much easier to stand out from the crowd.

What is Tik Tok PR

In social networks, PR is understood as advertising an account. Bloggers tell their subscribers about each other in their videos. Thus, there is a kind of exchange of the audience.

It is important to note that advertising in promoted accounts with a large number of followers is always paid. Beginning bloggers with an equal number of subscribers PR each other. Most often, free of charge.

The promotion algorithm is borrowed from Instagram. Bloggers post stories with a link to another person and briefly talk about his activities on their airs.

Tik Tok PR

PR prices

The cost of advertising in your account directly depends on the popularity of tiktokers. In smaller profiles, you can arrange to be mentioned on the air for a small fee. PR for famous bloggers is handled by their personal managers and the cost can be tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.

In each individual case, you need to clarify the specific price directly with the account owner or contact his manager.

For example, using targeted advertising to promote an account is not so profitable. This method is more suitable for selling goods or services.

How to promote another person

Advertising has become one of the types of earnings in TT. If they ask to advertise an account on their page, they discuss the format of the content.

There are several types of PR.

  1. Duets. The blogger records a video with a brief description of another person’s account and leaves a link to it in the description. At this time, two parallel windows appear on the screen at once, and subscribers of a well-known blogger for a certain time (duration depends on payment) get the opportunity to chat with a new author. Duets for PR on Tik Tok
  2. Reactions. The scheme with mention is the same as in duets. Only the format is slightly different. Only a small image from the advertised account is displayed on the screen.Tik Tok PR Reaction
  3. Clips. The usual promotional video. The owner of the account makes a small review of the profile for money and recommends subscribing to it.
Important! Your best bet is to send your followers to an additional business profile on Instagram. So the probability of earning will increase significantly.

How to use mutual PR

The ideal solution for new TT users would be mutual PR with another tiktoker. The main thing is to choose a partner with similar content topics and an equal audience.

Mutual mentions, supplemented by links to accounts, most often occur free of charge. The price is exchange of audiences.

Important! Before agreeing to mutual PR, it is worth studying the profile of a partner. Often there are scammers who get subscribers in this way without giving anything in return.

How to promote your account for free

Despite the fact that social networks are already very developed. There are still some free ways to promote. Their use will not bring immediate results. However, at the initial stage, it will help to save a lot.

Examples of free advertising in TT:

  1. Reactions and duets. This type of content can be created with the participation of famous personalities. The flow of their fans will provide the desired increase in the audience.
  2. Mention in comments. A rather controversial PR method. Not everyone reads the comments under the video. Moreover, few people follow the links indicated in them. Yet such a method exists and is still used.
  3. Mutual PR. The most efficient free way. Bloggers with an equal number of subscribers can exchange audiences on mutually beneficial terms. Everyone will eventually get new followers and precious experience.Tik Tok mutual PR

Alternative promotion option

Those who want to get guaranteed results in a short time are recommended to use a third-party service for comprehensive account promotion. Such services are offered by many Internet agencies and independent marketers.

Tokker is considered the most popular service for promoting an account in TT. With it, you can easily start growing on Tik Tok and gain your first thousand followers.Tik Tok promotion service


There are many ways to promote on Tik Tok. Only the most correct would be a gradual increase in the number of subscribers by publishing interesting and high-quality content. Creative and memorable videos will not go unnoticed. Over time, they will grow to the level of top videos. At the initial stage, you can use free promotion methods without draining PR budgets from other bloggers. In the future, you will have to fork out for a manager or a more advanced blogger.

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