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Any social network was originally designed to communicate and exchange information in some way. Now people on social media want to see as much entertainment content as possible. Interactions are especially appreciated. Tik Tok (TT) is full of videos of this format. Such a format as a challenge and flash mob from Tik Tok has become especially popular.

Popularity of flash mobs and challenges

People participating in the challenge not only film certain actions on video, but also pass the baton to others. A flashmob is the mass execution of the same, predetermined, actions. During the two years of the existence of the network, this type of content has become firmly rooted among users, although the concepts themselves arose long before the creation of TikTok.

The main reason for the popularity of TT challenges and flash mobs was the most convenient time limits for videos. In 15 or 60 seconds, operators have time to explain the essence of a particular task, film the performance of the task and pass the baton to someone.

It is noteworthy that such videos are not always entertaining. Quite often, Tik Tok flash mobs are created to attract public opinion to current issues. Challenges can be timed to coincide with significant events. A great way to involve young people in society.

How to take part in the challenge

Any mass movement in TT is indicated by its hashtag. Later, when the trend goes to the masses, it will be possible to find all the videos on this topic at once by thematic tag.

Becoming a member of the current challenge is quite simple. It is enough to put the corresponding #tag in the description and film the performance of some action that needs to be done according to the rules of this challenge.

Important! All the most relevant topics and videos are placed in the “Interesting” tab. This is where you can track the latest trends.

Using popular tags does not guarantee an increase in the number of followers on the page. It is not enough just to perform a given action, it is important to make it more interesting and original than others, then views and likes will skyrocket. Tik Tok Flash Mob

How to create your own flash mob

It is impossible to create a multi-million dollar challenge by simply inventing a new tag and recording simple body movements on video. To create a new flash mob, you must meet certain conditions.

Basic provisions:

  • come up with an original and catchy theme;
  • record your video with a description of the actions for all future participants;
  • have a promoted profile with a large (at least 10,000) number of subscribers;
  • come up with a unique, catchy #tag;
  • thematic video should find a positive response from the user audience;
  • videos must comply with all the rules of the network and not call for any illegal actions.
Important! Shooting a video on the most promoted hashtag is not a guarantee of success. A blogger, when creating content, must each time monitor the correct arrangement of light, sound without interference, image quality and uniqueness.

When the video is watched to the end by several thousand viewers, it will appear with other users in the “Interesting”. We can assume that the new movement has been successfully launched.

Benefits of running challenges

The main advantage is the ease of participation. Hundreds of thousands of people can unite under one tag. Only a few take part in the creation and promotion of the flash mob.

The rest are acting according to a ready-made scenario. It is enough just to follow the instructions and fulfill the conditions correctly. The more views a video gets, the more likely it is to become famous.

Social networks do not stand still. Tik Tok is one of the fastest changing networks on the internet. What was at the peak of popularity in the morning may be irretrievably forgotten by the evening.

You can only make an approximate list of popular challenges in 2021:

  1. Stars without makeup. Celebrities around the world are taking selfie videos without make up. The effect is unforgettable. Some fans won’t even recognize.Tik Tok star no makeup challenge
  2. Change and dance. Videos must be filmed under the track Flip The Switch. The bottom line is that during the video you need to change the image with a snap of your fingers or a wave of your hands.
  3. #nadisco. Authors of disco videos in their videos should show several types of club and disco regulars at once. Tik Tok Nadisco Challenge
  4. Lipsing. One of the easiest challenges. In front of the camera, you just need to open your mouth to the beat of the selected composition.Tik Tok lipsing challenge
  5. Raising a chair. One of the new trends. The essence of the challenge is that the person in the frame must stand a few steps from the wall, bend over at a 90 ° angle and try to lift an ordinary chair. Tik Tok” Tik Chair Lift Challenge Current
Important! When performing a task with a chair, you need to be as careful as possible. Safety first.


Flash mobs and challenges have firmly entered the realities of modern life. It is difficult to find a person who has not even heard of this. Also, most at least once, but participated. With the invention of social networks, the virality of actions began to spread many times faster. Tik Tok has taken cyberspace by storm and now trends and relay races appear and disappear in a matter of hours. Only the most interesting are retained.

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