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Today, a large number of people actively spend time on the social network TikTok. They view a huge amount of content, just have fun, or learn something new. Tik Tok has a lot of very famous personalities. If you are wondering who is currently the most popular tiktoker, then you are in the right place. In this article we will analyze this issue.

All over the world

It’s worth starting, for sure, from those who are more popular than everyone else. And, of course, these are people living abroad. Let’s talk about the most notorious personalities in order of priority:

Charli Damelio

The most popular person on the social network TikTok is the young girl Charlie. She enchanted everyone with her dancing, starting to collect millions of followers almost immediately after starting her career in the application. Charli Damelio

The number of its audience is approaching 200 million people. At the moment, she not only actively shoots, but also participates in various concerts, filming, where even the most famous artists, such as Jennifer Lopez, invite the girl.

Nickname in TT : charlidamelio

Addison Rae

Charlie’s girlfriend, and part-time, a very popular girl. He conquers his audience with his beautiful appearance, groovy dances, and his charisma. She started far from Tik Tok. Instagram became the first platform for her Internet activity. Edison Rej

nickname : addisonre

Bella Poarch

The girl that will be discussed now is just a master of getting into trends, feeling the audience, shooting what they will definitely like. Bella earned her popularity quite recently when, quite by accident, she made a video that became the most liked in all of Tik Tok. At the moment, it counts more than 50 million hearts. After this video, it overtook many previously popular bloggers in subscriptions. Now almost everyone who spends time on this social network knows her.Bella Porch

nickname: bellapoarch

Zachary King

If we are talking about who is the most popular tiktoker in the world, then it would be a shame not to mention this talented guy. Anyway, let’s not forget that not only girls are following.Zak King

Zach has been in the world of creativity for a very long time, he is fond of video editing, loves unusual videos, and is ready to constantly experiment. He has been shooting for many years, falling into trends, loved by many TikTok viewers.

Nickname: zachking

Loren Gray

A lot can be said about this girl with a doll-like appearance, who is also quite young. For example, the fact that she started filming even before Tik Tok appeared. To be more precise, the application, which was called musically (the previous version of Tiktok). There she won her first audience. When TT itself appeared, it was in first place in terms of subscribers right up to 2020. The title of “Queen of Tik Tok” was lost during the quarantine, giving way to the guys from the list above. Lauren Grey

Nickname: lorengray

In Russia

It’s time to discuss the “local” celebrities. Who won the hearts of the audience?

Kirill Kolesnikov (Kirya Kolesnikov)

The content that will not let you get bored. A young guy shoots various kinds of pranks, where he performs tricks in the form of somersault twisting. By doing this, he scares or entertains people, removing their reaction. At the moment, he signs his videos only in English, which attracts not only the Russian audience, which is probably why Kirill tops the top of our today’s chart.Kirill Kolesnikov (Kirya Kolesnikov)

Nickname: Thekiryalife

Madina Basaeva (Dina Saeva)

This girl with a difficult past has long been loved by her viewers. She shoots various videos in which she amazes with her new and unusual images. Dina attracts viewers with a variety of content, her unusual appearance, as well as how friendly the girl is to others. She often invites her close friends and acquaintances to her videos, makes collaborations with other bloggers.Madina Basaeva (Dina Saeva)

Nickname: Dina

Ivan (Deepins)

An incognito guy about whom little is known. Previously, he hid his appearance, then showed everyone his face. He skillfully combines editing and animation of videos, draws, draws and finishes various details, people. He does not collaborate with bloggers directly: he simply draws them in his video. Such an unusual chip was appreciated by many. Now he is loved not only in Russia, but also abroad. Many popular tiktokers know him.Ivan (Deepins)

Nickname: deepins

Danya Milokhin

Although this guy has not overtaken many in terms of subscriptions, he is a person about whom you can definitely say: “Oh, yes, this is the most popular tiktoker in Russia”. The guy just started making videos in the application, attracting everyone with his appearance and incredible facial expressions and charisma. And then he began to actively move outside. In addition to being a singer who performed tracks with popular artists such as Nikolai Baskov, he surprised his subscribers with something else. Now the guy is even on TV, he starred in the Show “Ice Age” with Evgenia Medvedeva (European champion in figure skating). Apparently, this is just the beginning.Danya Milohin

Nickname: danya_milokhin

Valentina Karnaukhova (Valya Karnaval)

Another girl from Russia who will be recognizable by many. It started with ordinary videos, and then nevertheless caught its wave. Gradually it became more and more popular, why she starred in the video for Yegor Creed, an affair with him was noticed, she starred in the series, and is actively active on Instagram. Many have heard about Valya, and she has enough haters. But that doesn’t stop her from being a popular TikToker.Valya Karnaval

Nickname : karna.val


If you decide to study TikTok, those who actively maintain their page there, then you should start with the most popular personalities. This will give a rough picture of what tiktokers do in general. The guys who deserve their popularity really deserve it. Not only do they have entertaining and enjoyable content, but they themselves are very skillful in keeping the attention of their viewers for quite a long time.

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