How to turn on flash on TikTok

The various options in TikTok are important when editing and publishing videos because they help diversify content and make it interesting. Tik Tok Flash is one such option. In this article, you will learn how to enable flash in Tik Tok on regular and front cameras, what problems arise with this feature and how to solve them.

Why Tik Tok flash is needed

Using highlights on tik tok is one of the simplest yet effective tips to improve video quality. The Flash function can brighten a dark subject and is useful for evening and night live broadcasts.

How to enable Flash mode in TikTok

Before following the instructions below, download the program to your smartphone. It takes a short time to download and the app is available for IOS and Android devices.


  • Launch the application;
  • Press the cross at the bottom center of the screen to start a new entry.
  • In the menu on the right, select the lowest symbol (crossed lightning), click on it, and the main camera light will turn on.flash

All is ready!

How to enable Flash mode on the front camera

Progress does not stop, and front cameras are now often equipped with a flashlight. When you need to make videos yourself, it is much more convenient to shoot with the front camera. The backlight of the front camera is useful for shooting in a poorly lit room or at night. Below is the instruction on how to activate the front camera flash in Tik-Tok:

  • Log in to the TikTok app;
  • Activate video recording;
  • A camera icon with two arrows will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Click here;
  • You can start recording the clip – the backlight will turn off automatically.

Tik Tok flash function problems

There are various reasons why the flash does not work. Most likely a malfunction in your device or in the tik tok platform itself.

If we talk about the Flash option on the front camera, then it’s probably not about the smartphone. To determine the source of the problem, close TikTok and turn on Flash mode under normal shooting conditions. If the front flash works, but the TikTok option still does not start, reinstall the program. flash not working

If the problem is not solved, it is better to contact TikTok support. In case you urgently need to record a video and you don’t have time to deal with system crashes, just use the methods given below.

What to do if there is no flash on the camera

Older smartphones may not have a flash or a front camera at all. What to do in this case? In the situation with the front camera, nothing can be done, you will need another device.

Flash filters

The developers of Tik-Tok have taken care of situations where the Flash feature is not available. Therefore, the application has built-in filters that artificially lighten the recording area. When the video is ready, before publishing, you need to go to the source menu called “Effects”. There are many effects in this section, you can experiment with modes and choose the one you like.

Third Party Applications

The user can expand the functionality of their phone with additional front lighting. To do this, go to the AppStore or GooglePlay and find the right app. A full-fledged flash will not appear in the smartphone, but when recording a video, the screen will be highlighted. It is important that your phone supports the version of the app, otherwise the flash will not work.

Lighting fixtures

You can use professional light – special lamps for video shooting. There are also alternatives to lamps – portable round flashlights that are attached to the phone. They are more convenient to use and cheaper.

Well-known household lamps, Christmas lanterns and neon ribbons are also suitable, because they also help to regulate the light. lights


Using the Flash option when recording tik tok videos is the easiest way to improve the video quality. Use flash, and if it is not available, use Tik Tok effects.

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