How to take a photo on Tik Tok

The popularity of the platform is growing every year. And despite the fact that this social network positions itself as a video hosting, users still have questions, how to take a photo on Tik Tok. Let’s take a similar topic of creating a post from a photo and setting or changing a profile photo.

Is it possible to post photos instead of videos on Tik Tok

Newly arrived Tik Tok bloggers, especially if they have previously been actively published on Instagram, are wondering how to take a photo on Tik Tok. This refers to the creation of a publication in the format of static images. Such an option actually exists. You can do this in the following way:

  1. Launch Tik Tok and click on the “ + ” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The button for adding video to Tik Tok
  2. The camera will start, click on the “Upload” tool to the right of the video recording button.Upload photo to Tik Tok
  3. Switch to the “Photo” category and select the desired image here. Click “Next“.Select photo to upload to Tik Tok
  4. Tik Tok will add a random music track to the photo by default. And the length of the video, consisting of a single static image, will correspond to the length of the musical composition from the selection.
  5. Next you can choose effects, text, stickers.
  6. You will see the result as you edit the post.
  7. Click “Next“.Add effects to Tik Tok videos
  8. Give your video a title and description, set visibility, comment, or post it as a draft. Publishing a video with a photo on Tik Tok

By the way, you can choose not one, but several photos. They will change each other depending on the length of the video itself and the number of images in the slideshow.

Note: You can’t take a photo using the Tik Tok camera. Only 15 sec., 60 sec. movie modes are available here. and 3 minutes.

How to take a profile picture

When creating an account, if you plan to develop your channel, it is recommended to fill out a profile and add a photo. There are several options here:

  1. Go to profile, click “Edit profile“.Go to change profile photo on Tik Tok
  2. Next, click on the appropriate button to change your profile avatar.Change Tik Tok profile photo
  3. Next, select: “Take photo“, “Select from gallery“, “View photo“, “Cancel “.How to take a camera photo for a Tik Tok profile

By the name of the tools, it is not difficult to guess that the first item is responsible for creating a snapshot right in the application and setting it as an avatar, the second for adding an existing snapshot from the device’s memory.The “View photo” option will be available if you have previously set an avatar. This often happens automatically when registering through social networks or a mailbox that already has its own avatar. It is imported into Tik Tok automatically.

To take a photo on Tik Tok and set it to your profile:

  1. Select the option “Take photo“.
  2. If necessary, give the application permission to access the camera.
  3. We take pictures with the front camera or the main camera.
  4. Save the resulting photo and define the visible area.

If the frame did not turn out, the picture can be redone as many times as you like.

Not always instant photos are of good quality. Or you want to install one of the professional photos taken in the studio:

  1. Go to the “Edit Profile” section and click “Edit Photo“.
  2. Next, in the pop-up window, select “Select from Gallery“.
  3. Find a suitable photo, then define a thumbnail that will be displayed in the profile header and confirm the action with the “OK” button.
You don’t have to post your personal photo, you can add any picture from the gallery. The main thing is that it does not contradict the rules of the social network, it does not contain porn, calls for violence and other elements that can cause injury or offend the feelings of TikTok subscribers.

How to change your profile photo

People tend to change! Sometimes even just the mood dictates how you look to your followers. Tik Tok does not restrict you from changing your profile photo. You can do this at least a hundred times a day.

  1. To do this, we go along the already known path and click on the button “Change profile“.
  2. And then on your avatar with the inscription “Change photo“.

Then it all depends on your preferences – you want to install a cat image, or a logo if you represent a brand, or install a picture that will reflect the season or an event in your life. There is also a choice from the gallery or the ability to take a photo in the application itself.

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