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Until recently, the Tik Tok application, unknown to anyone, is now competing with the largest sites and applications. The tape here is selected clearly according to your taste. An endless number of different videos will definitely brighten up your evening. Each TikTok user roughly imagines that it is quite easy to get promoted here if your video “flies” into the rivers. But for this you need to know some tricks on how to create a video. It is worth understanding how to make videos on Tik Tok. It’s easy enough to learn.

First steps

The most important point before shooting a video is registering or logging into your account. If you are logged in, you can start. Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. It is located exactly in the center.Go to Tik Tok video recording

The camera opens. If you have not allowed the phone to access it, you must do this in the settings. You also need access to a microphone. Tik Tok has a rather convenient camera, it has an extensive set of functions. You really need to study it before you start. This is necessary to take advantage of all its features.

We can upload ready-made videos and edit them directly in the application or record our own here. Let’s try both.

New Entry

It is important to note that for shooting they usually use various cheerful music, which is found in the current trends of the application. And for this they go “by sound”. This is the record icon in the lower right corner of any video you see on Tik Tok. Then click on the “Use this sound” button.

In another way, which we will use now, we do this:

  1. At the top of the camera, click on “Add Music“.Adding music for the future Tik Tok video
  2. A new page opens with a huge selection of different tracks. The “trending” ones are also indicated here. Trendovaya music on Tik Tok
  3. Click on any of them, listen to a small fragment.Play music before adding to Tik Tok video
  4. To select, click on the pink pointer to the right of the song you clicked on.Adding music for a Tik Tok video

After selection, we see a time plate on top of the maximum possible shooting time. We will adapt to it.

Point the camera at yourself: choose a good angle, lighting, you can put it somewhere and move away from the phone. Everything as you like!

Meanings of the buttons when shooting

The first thing that should catch your eye is the panel on the right. Let’s work with her. Let’s deal with each button separately:

  • Transl.” – a button that helps to change the camera selection from front to back and vice versa;
  • Speed” – when you click on it, an additional panel is displayed a little lower, more about it later;
  • Filters” – TikTok offers a choice of 33 filters that slightly change the colors in the lens.
Note: Up to two filters can be applied to one video. One at the beginning when shooting, the second when editing after the material has been shot.

Let’s continue:

  • Enhance” – this button opens an additional menu where you can set anti-aliasing or apply cosmetics. The face in the frame will become noticeably fresher.
  • Timer“” speaks for itself. Choose duration – 3 or 10 seconds. This time will be reported before the start of shooting if, for example, you move away from the phone for some distance.
  • Crop” — the button lights up white if the duration of the video is more than 15 seconds, and you have chosen to shoot exactly 15 seconds. Then, by turning on “trim”, you can stop at any of the fragments of the song.Tik Tok buttons to set up video shooting

Speed ​​buttons

Now back to the speed buttons:

  1. 0.3x and 0.5x speed up the sound when you start filming. But the result of the video itself will eventually be slow, smooth. Try it!
  2. 1x – normal speed.
  3. 2x, 3x – the sound is slowed down. Useful when the track is fast. The result is a video with a slightly faster frame.Speed ​​buttons for shooting Tik Tok videos


Even lower are the video time buttons. The standard is 15 seconds, less only if the track allows. One minute and three minutes – optional. You can stop at any time, no matter what duration you choose.Tik Tok video duration setting


It is worth dwelling on them in more detail. On the camera in the lower left corner, you can see this not very remarkable button. Click on it and open an additional menu.

What is there? A huge number of masks or effects. You can install and try any.Tik Tok Effects

Also, these effects can be taken from the videos of other users. If in the recommendations you stumble upon a person who uses a certain effect, you can see his name right above the description. Click on the button and then on the camera icon at the bottom center.


You can upload your video to Tik Tok and mount it in the app. To do this, in the camera, select the button in the lower right corner. It’s called “Download“. Your camera roll opens or please give access to it.Upload video to Tik Tok from phone

We select several videos or photos that we want to process. Everything else is standard. Various music to choose from. TikTok independently synchronizes the music track with a video or photo, but you can tweak it as you like using the “Video correction” button.

Video Processing

The next and biggest item is processing. It is she who makes the video attractive, sets the mood or catches others with its unusualness. Let’s figure it out.

First, let’s go through the panel at the very bottom of the editor. What is she like?

  • Music — changing the background music is also possible in editor mode.
  • Effects is a very interesting set of animated video effects. They have a limited time, but you can “sculpt” them as much as you like, the main thing is not to overdo it. Just choose the one you like and hold it for a few seconds so that it is displayed on a specific section of the video.
  • Text — to choose a font, color, as well as the ability to attach a certain set of words to any time in the video, replace one text with another. To do this, write, edit as you like. When the text appears on the screen, tap on it and select “Set Duration“.
  • Stickers — the same goes for this button. You can add a photo from the gallery to the screen and set its duration, put any sticker, time, magnifier, etc. The ability to experiment.

The column on the right has:

  • Filters – still the same style choice;
  • Video correction – will return you to the initial stage of shooting;
  • Voiceover – allows you to overlay your voice over the original sound;
  • Voice effects – You can change your overdubbed voice using this button.

As we can see, Tik Tok is very diverse.You can create a great video from scratch, do whatever you want with it, and then collect views.Buttons for processing captured video in Tik Tok


An equally popular theme is duets with other people. What it is?

Duet on Tik Tok is a joint video with an already made video from another user, usually in the form of a split screen or in the form of a reaction.

In order to film a duet, we must:

  1. Find the desired video.
  2. Click on the right arrow below the comments.Go to someone else's TikTok video menu
  3. Select “Duet” in the bottom menu.Creating a duet with another Tik user Current

Now we have access to all the usual chips, as in normal shooting. The main thing is that the duet will last exactly as long as the video itself. You have to keep within such timing.


After we have shot everything we wanted, we click on “Next”. We have moved to the “Publish” tab. Here you can add a description, select a cover (just click on the word “Cover” in the mini box in the upper right corner).Publication of a video on TikTok Current

Next, choose others’ access to comments under this video, duets with it, and whether we want to save it to the device. In addition, we can give viewing access only to ourselves (the video will go to the private stage), only to our friends (people who follow you back), or leave it public. The public may well “fly into the rivers.”

There are many different ideas and conjectures about how and what to do to make sure that the video gets into the recommendations. They came up with special hashtags, the time of uploading the video, and so on. But no one knows exactly how the Tik Tok algorithms work.


Each already finished video can be “postponed”. The application provides a special place for this called drafts. They are in your profile (the rightmost button at the bottom of the screen).

To do this, simply click in the “Publish” tab on “Drafts“. The video will automatically be transferred there. You can work with such unfinished videos at any convenient time. But they take up storage on your device and are only accessible from your phone. If you log into your account from another place, you will not find drafts.


Popular bloggers often give advice on how to shoot something cool that will get a lot of views.

Most often, these tips are tied to: “dressing up”, those very trends where you set a certain time on the timer, and then change clothes, turning on the video again; waves – slightly shake the smartphone when shooting at certain times; slowmo mode – shoot at high speed or set during editing, and so on.


Making a video on Tik Tok is quite an entertaining process. The application is fully adapted to its users, so there will be almost no problems with shooting. The main thing is to understand which chips are better to use.

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