How to repost on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps today. It is used by millions of users: as authors or just viewers, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the main purpose of this program was created to cheer you up, highlight important and interesting issues, and so on. And very often, having found something interesting, I want to share it with loved ones. Therefore, today we are discussing the topic “how to share a video on Tik Tok”.

Repost in ТТ

What is a repost? This feature provides for the ability to share your favorite videos with other users. For the author, this is an indicator of success – the more users share his video, the more popularity it gains, and thereby rises to the top. And, accordingly, the author of the video receives income from this, which, in fact, serves such a rapid growth in popularity and activity among the replenishment of bloggers. ka to repost in tt

Absolutely anyone can share a video in Tik Tok, even those who have not yet gone through the registration procedure. Thus, the site is increasingly luring new users to itself, and over time, even guests who come in just to watch the video become regular users.

How to repost

If you are an authorized user, then there are more opportunities in this case. The video you like can be sent to direct, shared through other social networks and instant messengers.

Users who have not gone through the registration procedure can only tell about the video they like using the “Share” item and send it to social networks or instant messengers.

How to send a video in a private message

To send to PM, do the following:

  1. Open the application, go through the standard authorization procedure (in some cases it is automatic) and open the “Recommended” section.
  2. Select the video and click on the bent arrow.Tik Tok repost
  3. Next, select the contacts to whom we want to send the video and mark them with a checkmark, confirm the action and you’re done.
Please note: Videos can only be sent to people who follow you.

If the video can’t be uploaded, it may have been removed by the author, or the author may have blacklisted you.

It also happens that the video gets blocked, in which case it needs to be downloaded and sent through another social network.

It is also worth noting that it happens that the video freezes or sending fails. This may be if the application has not been updated for a long time. To fix the error go to Play Market or App Store and check for updates. It may be enough to simply reboot the device.

Through which networks you can share videos

You can share through all the networks that you have installed on your mobile device. To understand which ones are, click the rotated arrow and you will see a list of possible options where you can send the video.


In order to tell your friends about what impressed you, you just need to go to Tik Tok, click on the arrow and select one of the options. For those who have an account, you can make an exchange directly in the application, while others will have to send outside of Tik Tok.

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