How to make emoticons in Tik Tok in nickname

Everything is important for gaining subscribers on social networks – from a nickname to a well-written description for a video. Small colorful pictures in the text – emoticons help to beautifully design the profile header on TikTok. They have firmly entered the daily life of modern people. They are constantly used on the Internet. Users love to decorate their own names with them. However, not everyone knows how to make emoticons on TikTok in a nickname.

How to add stickers

Most users from Russia and the CIS countries have long been accustomed to the VKontakte (VK) interface, where they use a countless variety of stickers for every taste. There are not only paid series, but also sets of free options. They can be used in correspondence and comments.

Tik Tok is not yet so developed, there are very few stickers here. Standard emoticons are used to express emotions and decorate pages. You can’t add stickers using third-party apps at this time.

Some smartphone models have their own emoji sets that you can send. The only problem is that they will arrive in a different form. In comments and private messages, special emoji will be displayed as long as the phone models match. The rest will see regular pictures on a white background or a combination of characters.Tik Tok emoticons

Sending a regular picture instead of an icon will also fail. The application does not provide for file transfer.

Tik Tok users can only wait for updates to the interface and the addition of familiar stickers or more interesting analogues.

How to choose other emoji

Emoji from the standard set on the Android keyboard in correspondence are displayed in a completely different way. The desired emoticon is available on third-party keyboards that are available for download in the Play Market.

Examples of such additional emoji keyboards:

In addition to the highly rated apps listed, there are many other emoji keyboard options to be found in the directory.

Important! Using third-party applications, you can diversify not only your profile, but also personal correspondence. The use of emoticons adds an emotional dimension to online communication.

Without additional programs, the emoticon in TikTok will have to be set with a combination of characters like “:)” or “:*”. Many other collections of simple emoticons can be found on the Internet. However, it is better to take care of decorating your Tik Tok in advance and not use outdated methods.

How to put a smiley in the video description

The use of emoticons in Tik Tok is not even implied by the description of the video. Those who want to attract the audience with a colorful description also need to open the Play Market and download one of the applications that allow you to add various emoji to the text.

How to make a smiley in your nickname

Adding a funny face or a colorful picture to your nickname is much easier. There are no problems here. At the moment, this is the only section of Tik Tok where you can fully use the usual emoticons.

It is enough to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open app TT.
  2. Go to the “Profile” tab at the bottom right.Go to Tik Tok profile to add emoticons to name
  3. Click on “Edit Profile” in the center of the screen, below the photo.Go to Tik Tok profile change
  4. In the “Name” field, enter any nickname with the addition of any of the familiar emoticons from the Android keyboard.Go to change name in Tik Tok profile
  5. After the appropriate nickname is written and styled with emoji, click “Save” in the upper corner.Adding emoticons to the name in Tik Tok

The first stage of introducing emoticons into TT has been successfully completed. In the future, the developers of the social network will introduce familiar emoji into other sections of the site.

What does the clown emoji mean

The pictogram depicting a pretty clown is very common in user communication. In tiktoker slang, this emoticon stands for mockery, mockery or self-irony, depending on the context.

It is advisable to avoid using a crypto emoticon for your nickname. This may cause a mixed reaction from the public. The use of “clown” is appropriate only in the context of friendly banter.


In the virtual world, it is impossible to imagine communication without emoticons. In Tik Tok, this section of the practice is currently not developed. This means that soon users can expect a new breakthrough. Something more interesting may come to replace the usual stickers, if the administration of the social network is interested in this.

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