How to make a slideshow on Tik Tok

Tik Tok gives its bloggers the opportunity to be creative, create something new and unique that could attract as many audiences as possible. But there are already proven methods that you can use. One of them is Tik Tok slideshow. How to make and edit it?

How to create

In order for your photos to turn into a full-fledged video, we don’t even have to try too hard: TT will do everything for us. So, we do the following:

  1. Go to the plus sign on the bottom menu to open the camera.Go to the video editor in the Tik Tok app
  2. Select the “Upload” button.Go to downloads photo for slideshow in Tok Tok
  3. We give access to the gallery, after which we mark the necessary pictures. The maximum number is 35.Select photo for Tik Tok slideshow


Now we are thrown into edit mode. Photos start scrolling automatically. We will work with the bottom buttons.

Music” – allows you to find any audio track in the search, or select it from your favorites, then trim it or change the volume.

Effects” – will serve as a nice addition to editing, here are stickers, and visual changes, as well as some other features that you can familiarize yourself with.

Text” – speaks for itself. You can write anything, choose the font and the time the inscription appears on the screen at your discretion.

Stickers” – here are hundreds of cute faces, emojis and pictures. It is possible to set the time or attach another photo to the video, and so on. Adding effects to a Tik Tok slideshow

Photo duration

The duration of slide playback adjusts to the sound (Tik Tok copes with this task with a bang, users appreciate this feature). And if you upload just a photo, then we will not be able to set their display time on our own. Therefore, it is worth doing differently.

Namely: select at least one video from the gallery along with a photo. Then different editing buttons will appear: video correction and default. We can work with them, crop and select the desired frame length, speed up the slide show in Tik Tok.
Edit photo delay in Tik Tok slideshow

Third Party Applications

If there is a desire to make such a video elsewhere, and then upload it to Tik Tok, we can use the InShot application. Just download it from Play Market or AppStore.

Already inside, choose to create a new project, where photos will be uploaded, which will later become a slide show.

Do not forget to save and then upload to TT, as described in the first paragraph.


Now we know what to do to create a TikTok slideshow, how to edit it, change it, and so on. But you can use other applications that will also help with this.

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