How to get recommended on Tik Tok

TikTok is a new fashion trend that is steadily gaining momentum among both young people and adults. To become a user, you just need to go through a simple registration process – and you are a member of the community. But how to make sure that your account does not get lost among hundreds and thousands of similar ones, but becomes interesting, popular and original? How to get into Tik Tok recommendations? We will talk about this in our article.

Recommendations on TikTok are…

Recommendations are one of three possible content streams available to Tik Tok users. This section displays the best videos on the platform.tik tok recommendations

For popular bloggers, getting into recommendations means one of the ways to increase profile traffic: get additional views, likes and comments.

What influences getting into the TOP

Repeat views. All popular videos have a high CTR. If after the first time a person decides to watch the video again or even several times, the social network algorithm begins to actively promote the video.

Comments. The more people comment on the video, the more likely it is that the video will get into the TOP. If replays are hard to influence, you can work on the comments. Just ask a question in the video, and request an answer in the comments. what affects getting to the top

The number of inspections. The algorithm shows the number of people who watched the video to the end. There is no such indicator in the video statistics, but there is an average viewing time. The closer the duration of views, the more popular the video becomes.

Reposts. Usually only the most interesting videos are shared, so the social network algorithm rates this indicator higher than likes and comments.

like. Of all the indicators described above, it is the easiest to get likes. This indicator is easy to influence – just ask the viewers to “like” the video. Primitive, but works.

Below are some tips that you can follow to quickly get into tik tok recommendations.

Personalize your account

Come up with a nickname, it should be solid, modern, attractive. Add a personal photo, filters can be used in moderation. In the profile description, it is better to briefly describe yourself, without unnecessary details. It is important that your account is different from many others dedicated to similar topics. Use, for example, a permanently recognizable background for your video if you are filming indoors. An unusual voice, funny expressions, appearance can become your “trick”. Your followers should set you apart from other to get into recommendations

Determine the topic of the content

If you have talent, show it. This will definitely attract a certain audience for you. If you are a good specialist in your field, it may be worth making your account informative. You can try to create several accounts on topics that are most relevant and interesting to you, and eventually develop one with a lot of views.

Follow the Community Guidelines

Cheating likes and followers is strictly prohibited by the community rules. In case of violation, Tik Tok algorithms can block the advertised account or video.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of live broadcasting on this social platform. For example, it is strictly forbidden to advertise alcohol or cigarettes or use them in the frame. follow the community guidelines

When prohibited content is detected, Tiktok’s algorithms can block both the video and the account, or apply a shadow block, then your videos will not be recommended for a long time.

Appearance and behavior

A dirty head and wrinkled clothes instantly make you want to stop watching the video. In addition, when recording a clip, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of the room.

A smartphone for photography should have a good camera. Be confident – users are more likely to follow a blogger who knows his worth.

Be trendy

Follow the most popular trends on tik tok. Of course, if you don’t want to quickly promote your account, it’s best to create something new. But to get to the TOP, you have to work hard, and your own interpretation of popular videos can quickly pay off. Do not copy other people’s videos with minimal differences – take them as a basis and try to create something of your own. be trendy tik tok

Do not post videos from other platforms

Each platform has its own formats and working features. You must not upload a video that you edited specifically for YouTube or Instagram. As a rule, they do not fit in terms of duration, filters and, most importantly, format. Horizontal YouTube videos or videos with Instagram masks are worse than videos edited in the built-in TT editor.

Be the first to use TikTok features

New masks, filters – all this is constantly appearing on TikTok, and if you successfully use these features, you will be in trend and hit the TOP. Even better, if initially you have a bright appearance or an unforgettable feature – an unusual tattoo, hair color, piercing, hairstyle.

The main thing to remember is that popularity is achieved by those who do not get tired of working on it.
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