How to find someone on Tik Tok

Each Tik Tok user had situations that they liked the video, but forgot to subscribe. It does not matter, at the slightest desire, you can easily find the right person, and there are several effective ways for this. In this article, we will discuss all the methods that are used today and analyze the emerging nuances. Let’s answer the main question – how to find a person on TikTok.

What you need to know to find a person on Tik Tok

You can be enthused by remembering exactly what was in that very video. But we hasten to upset. To carry out the intended action, you need to have at least some of these data:

  • nickname;
  • real name;
  • mobile phone number;
  • Facebook or Instagram login;
  • hashtag or watermark used by creators to mark their videos;
  • QR – code.

If you don’t have any of these, the only thing you can hope for is to remember what the song was and follow exactly the same sound. But this is quite difficult, since the same composition can be in completely different TikTok from different people.What you need to know to search person in Tik Tok

Search by nickname

Perhaps this is the easiest and easiest way. Launch the application, then you need to go through authorization and open the “Interesting” item. Select the “People” section and enter the nickname of the person of interest to us in the search bar.

The less accurate nickname was entered, the more matches will be displayed. It will be more difficult to find, but it is quite possible, although it may take some time.

Search without nickname

Situations can be different, so we offer a couple of universal tips, maybe some will seem good to you and work.

  1. We can open any browser and find the video of the desired blogger. The video has a watermark or hashtags in the description, it is quite possible to search by them.
  2. If the search is not for some famous person, you can try asking a question under a video with a similar sound in the comments. You may be given a direct link to the author’s channel.
  3. A person can be found using Facebook or Instagram. Most often, bloggers link all their social networks to avoid page hacking.

All of these methods can be true if used correctly. Be resourceful.

Search by phone number

If you managed to get the number of the blogger you are interested in, you need to save it in your address book and synchronize it with your profile. Next, the application itself will give you offers to subscribe to people from your contacts list, or you can go to your profile and click on the button in the upper left corner. You will immediately be redirected to a new page, scrolling down on which you will come across a proposal to search for phone for people by number

Search by video

If, for example, you were sent a video via messenger, and there is no access to the channel, then you can save the video and rewrite the nickname that is at the top of the video. There are times when videos are plagiarized and cut off, in which case it is not possible to see the true author. In this situation, we take a screenshot of any moment from the video and turn on the search through the browser by the picture. So you go to real videos and overwrite the owner’s data.

Search by screenshot in Tik Tok

In Tik Tok you can also search by image, the steps are the same as through the browser. In addition, if the result is unsuccessful, you can go to any thematic group and post a screenshot there, asking you to leave a link to the author’s channel.

How to search by QR code

Bloggers use all methods to attract a larger audience, and, as practice has shown, the QR code is used successfully. It can be posted on any of the author’s social networks, under any video in the comments, and so on. To do this, go to the “Interesting” item and select the scan icon. Next, point your phone at the code and you’re qr code

You should know! This feature is only supported by the mobile version.

Search via PC

The capabilities of the Tik Tok app for computers are very limited, but you can search for people either through the Tik Tok website or by downloading an android emulator, for example, BlueStacks.

In the first case, everything is much simpler, you just need to go through authorization, and then calmly use the site. In the second case, you will have to go to the official website of the developers, install the emulator, and then go through full Google authorization. You will receive a mini phone in a computer on an android operating system.

I know the correct username, but I can’t find it

This situation may occur in some cases.

For example, if the application has not been updated for a long time, then it may hang. To do this, simply restart the device or Tik Tok itself, and be sure to check for updates. Also, you can clear the cache in the Tik Tok settings.

And another option, tiktoker made his channel private and restricted access. Nothing can be done here, just try to send a subscription request.


There is nothing difficult in finding the person you are interested in, but only if you have at least some minimal information. In any case, persistence is important, it decides the outcome of your search.

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