How to change hairstyles and hair color on Tik Tok

When shooting a video on Tik Tok, users often resort to various methods to make themselves better in the frame. It can be smoothing the face, changing the color of the eyes or painted makeup. But in this article you will find out the answer to the question: “How to change hairstyles and hair color in Tik Tok?”. To do this, let’s turn to the camera ТТ.

Step by Step

What should we do to change our appearance? We act like this:

  1. Go to the application, pass authorization.
  2. Click the plus button in the bottom menu to go to the Tik Tok camera.tik tok effects
  3. In the lower left corner we find the button “Effects“, go there.

We have a large number of popular or not so popular effects that you can use. But we are looking for very specific ones.

Names of masks and effects

To find and use transformations, we first need to add the necessary ones to favorites. To do this, go to the search. List of the most popular masks with colored hair:

  1. Colored hair — great choice, there are also elements of makeup on the face.
  2. Purple Blue Hair – the name speaks for itself. Shades can be changed.
  3. Blonde hair – more suitable for those who already have blond hair to try on a bright blonde.
  4. Copper hair – golden-colored hair can please all dark-haired.

As soon as we have found the desired mask in the search, we click on the camera icon next to it, switching to shooting mode. In effects mode, we can see the name of our mask, as well as a button that looks like a checkbox, it is white. Click on it – add it to your favorites, the checkbox will turn pink.

Now we can always find in the favorites what we have saved and use in any shooting.

Video with change in appearance

A very popular topic is to shoot a video about how a person is transformed. For example, show your natural color, then connect some effect, show the reaction that you liked it and shoot again, but with real changes.

As a rule, such videos collect a large number of views and likes, you can use it.


Now each user will be able to change their appearance by simply going to Tik Tok. You can try on the most unexpected colors, and even understand that this is better than it was originally. Use and collect hundreds of compliments from your audience!

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