How to block someone on Tik Tok

Often users do not respect the boundaries of decency when commenting on someone else’s content. But, fortunately, haters can be restricted access. This feature is also available on other social networks, and its principle differs from one platform to another. In this article, we will tell you how to block a person on Tik Tok.

How to restrict access to a user in TT

First Method

  1. Open TikTok and find the profile of the person you want to block. You can do this by clicking on their username in a video or message, or by searching.
  2. From their profile, tap the three dots or three lines in the upper right corner.Go to account menu user in Tik Tok
  3. Select “Block” from the menu that appears.User account blocking in Tik Tok
  4. Confirm these steps.Tik Tok User Block Confirmation

Second Method

  1. Go to your account and find the person you want to report.
  2. Go to their page and tap the three dots in the upper right corner.Go to another user's account menu in Tik Tok
  3. Select “Complaint“. Here you need to indicate the reason for the appeal.Filing a complaint against a user on Tik Tok

Before emailing tech support, make sure you do so with pure intent.

It is important to back up the complaint with screenshots so that the moderators are immediately convinced of the violations. This will allow you to quickly restrict access to an unwanted account.

How to unblock a user in TT

  1. Open TikTok and navigate to your account by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.Go to your Tik Tok profile
  2. Tap the three lines in the upper right corner to open the app and account settings.Go to the TikTok user menu
  3. Click “Privacy“.Go to Tik Tok privacy section
  4. Then scroll down the page and select “Banned Accounts“.Go to blocked Tik accounts Current
  5. You will be shown a list of all accounts that you have restricted access to. Click “Unblock” next to any of them to remove them from the list.Unblock a blocked user on Tik Tok

Once they are unlocked, you will be able to find their account and video again.

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