How to add your sound to Tik Tok

The Tik Tok feed is filled with a wide variety of content, including copyright: new sounds, music, funny voice comments, and so on. TT allows its users to create something unique using the existing one. This is quite interesting and pushes bloggers to be creative. That is why today we will talk about how add your sound to Tik Tok. What is it, and what is needed for this?

Sound of your authorship

Videos are always signed from the bottom with the musical composition that is played there. It can be either a song by a famous artist, or a version of it redone by another person. Tik Tok does not limit users, in addition to songs, they can download original voice acting simply from their shooting.

Every person who uploads their own sound has the right to name it. This is done through the plate icon, and then the pencil. The video will continue to display the new name and your nickname.

Step by step

Now we will figure out how to do it. To create our own sound, we must:

  1. Go to the editor of the draft we are going to upload.
  2. Previously, you could select “My Music” in the top corner (if your phone has saved audio). This option is currently not available due to Tik Tok’s copyright infringement issues.
  3. We can click on “Voice“, then we can record our voice or any other sounds over what already exists.Adding voiceovers to Tik Tok videos

This is one way to add new sound to your video. But we can also do things a little differently. This method will be especially fast for iPhone owners.

For your own authorship, you can:

  1. Record video from the screen while playing music (possibly through the built-in function on the iPhone, or downloaded app on Android).
  2. Trim off some points if needed (or we can do it later in the TT editor).
  3. Go to the app’s camera, click on the “Download” button. Uploading a video to Tik Tok from a phone for voice acting
  4. Selecting a new captured video.Select a video on your phone to add to Tik Tok
  5. We get a full-fledged video, upload it to the profile, before that, in the “Privacy” icon, select that only you can view it.Tik Tok video privacy settings

The video appears in your profile in the third section (with the lock closed). Select desired TikTok video from private videos

Go to it, click on the video, and then on the plate in the lower right corner.Go to Tik Tok rename video

Now with a pencil.Rename the sound for a Tik Tok video

Change the name of the sound.Tik Tok sound renaming confirmation

Click on “Use sound“. It remains only to shoot a video in Tik Tok itself and post it.Use your own sound for Tik Tok video

Several tracks in one

This task requires endurance, since you can cut and join tracks in any third-party program, but if you are going to do it through Tik Tok, please be patient.

Choose any track and shoot a video for it. Save to your phone. We shoot a few more excerpts for any other tracks, saving them to the device along the way. If all the clips are filmed, through the “Download” button in the camera, we can pour it in a single video.

If you’re happy with the result, feel free to post it. Or skip to point 4 from the last list in the step-by-step instructions. You can post this video for yourself, and then use the resulting sound again, but already re-shoot the video track.

No own audio

If there are already several sounds under your authorship, you have probably come across the fact that someone starts filming under it too. We can prevent this by writing to the administration with this request. But this is quite difficult to implement.

Working with voice acting in Tik tok

In addition to the usual voice acting, users can use different voice effects. To do this, in the editor, before posting the video, we can click on “Voice” and “Voice Effect“.Adding voice effects and voiceovers to a Tik Tok video

The TT will correct the sound to your liking. The choice is quite wide.Choosing voice effects on Tik Tok

Sound is missing in video

If this happened to your own, then most likely there was an error. You will have to re-upload the video to the site.

You can no longer work with other people’s tracks. It remains only to delete, since this sound was either simply deleted or blocked (in your region or in general).


It doesn’t take much work to upload your own audio material. We can upload music to Tik Tok just like from iPhone or Android. The difference is only in a couple of details. Working with it is quite simple, you just need to cheat a little, but at the end you get an excellent video that will surely collect a large number of views and comments.

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