How to add Instagram to TikTok

Currently, Tik Tok is the top app in terms of downloads and usage by its users. A huge amount of content and new bloggers appear daily. TT itself is very active in helping them gain popularity, bringing their videos into recommendations. Acquaintance with new subscribers occurs in different ways, for example, links to other social networks, where you can learn a little more about the blogger. That is why today we will talk about how to add Instagram to TikTok.

What is it for

The first step is to figure out what the linking of Insta to your Tik Tok account gives. How this may affect our use of the app.

First that we will highlight is a quick repost. If your two social networks are interconnected, then so is the content. With this in mind, the new video will automatically publish in two places at the same time.

Second is authorization. For those who will log into at least one of the accounts from new devices, logging into the second one will not cause any inconvenience. You will no longer need a password, you can simply click on the icon and you will be automatically let into the system.

And the third that we have already mentioned is getting to know a new audience. After all, the link will be available in the profile. This is an additional opportunity to drag a new TikTok audience to your Instagram.

Step by step

Let’s talk in more detail about the process of adding a social network to your profile header. It is done like this:

  1. Go to your profile through the bottom menu.
  2. Directly under the profile picture, select the “Change profile” button.change profile
  3. In the new window we see Instagram.add instagram link
  4. Click there and go through authorization.

After all that has been done, we can return to our page. A new button will be displayed right below your avatar.

If you already have a certain audience, you can record a video in which you mention that the cherished button is already waiting to be clicked on. This can help grab the attention of subscribers.

No authorization

Let’s talk about another way to add a link to your page. This time you won’t have to enter passwords, you can just copy the link or nickname, and then add it to the description in the same “Change profile” button.

How to post a Tik Tok video to your Instagram

If there is a desire to publish a video that has long been uploaded to any other social network, we can do this without authorization. Just click on that video, and then on the three bold dots on the right.

In the window “Share” there are many options, including telegrams, VK, WhatsApp and so on. We select any option, then we specify the place (if necessary) and confirm the action. Such an action can be carried out not only with your own video.

How to post a video to two social networks at once

There is a special button for this. It is located immediately after the edit mode. It is called “Immediately publish to..” and after it icons of various applications are available. We choose the right one, after which we publish it and enjoy the result.


Now we know what the binding is for, as well as how to do it. Among other things, this can provide some security for your profile.

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