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Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps today. Of course, the bloggers themselves play an important role, but the available features that the application itself gives out are even more important. And in particular, I would like to pay special attention to such a topic as GIFs in Tik Tok.

Why do you need GIFs

In this application, we not only have the opportunity to watch interesting videos, funny performances, and so on. Here, an incredible flight of fantasy opens up for authors, effects, masks, gifs and other tools can provide your video with an interesting and unusual design that will definitely not leave viewers indifferent. what gifs are for

The following options are available to choose from:

  • Diversify content with mysterious charm.
  • Surprise subscribers with new products that appear regularly inside the application.
  • Create a script that uses gifs and other tools.
  • Use memes of famous people.
  • Create a greeting video.

Next, we will look at detailed instructions on how to add gifs and which ones are most popular.

How to add a GIF to Tik Tok

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the app and go to your personal account on the main page.
  2. Next, open the item with the shooting mode. To do this, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Next, shoot your video and click Save when the process is complete.
  4. Next, go to the “Stickers” section. Pay attention to the top of the screen, a search bar will be displayed at the very top, you need to enter the theme you need there.
  5. After choosing a theme, all the available gifs from this section will be displayed to your attention.
  6. After selecting the animation, you need to pinch it and move it to the part of the screen where you want to leave it in the future. GIF can be moved around the screen and rotated at any angle.
  7. Next, it remains to add effects to the video, a description, and you can send it to the publication.

How to save GIF from Tik Tok

Unfortunately, this service is not directly provided in the application at the moment. All gifs, memes and images are stored on the server where they were originally created. And if you want to download something, then do it only from the server.

To do this, you should go to the stock resource of the server and enter the query you need in the search query.

From the proposed list, select the desired animation and save it to yourself, you can do this in your favorites, download, copy and paste it to the right place.

In addition, the gif can be shared on other social networks.

List of the most popular GIFs for 2021:

  • fists;
  • iced tea;
  • additional parts of the body (ears, nose, tail, etc.);
  • Teddy bear;
  • bomb;
  • hypnotist cat;
  • snow (especially relevant for the upcoming New Year holidays).
Pay attention: it is better to use gifs based not on popularity, but on the scenario of your video.


Another equally funny TikTok phenomenon is live images. Considering how much this application offers us, it is simply impossible not to download it.

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