Finger dance on Tik Tok

User creativity knows no bounds. New forms of interaction with the audience are constantly being invented. This is especially noticeable on social media channels that are focused on creating video content. Today we will look at finger dance in Tik Tok.

What is it?

The name of this practice speaks for itself. The person being filmed must perform some movements with the fingers to the music. This is attractive, because the technique itself is not as simple as it seems. Some of the Tik Tok pages are dedicated to this direction. It originated in the United States at the end of the 20th century.

Style Features

Like any dance direction, it has its own specifics. You need to stick to it, because only in this case you will be respected in that environment. Distinctive features are:

  1. All corners are right.
  2. The speed is constantly changing.
  3. Rhythm is a component that is worked out separately.

This is a full-fledged dance, which, of course, is not ballet, but you will have to develop enough skills.

Trend Hand Dance

How to learn it?

In order to record such content, you need to constantly practice. How? The main ways are:

  1. Knead your hands – this will provide the necessary flexibility.
  2. To improve the amplitude of finger movements, you need to periodically do strength exercises on your hands.
  3. Train your grip strength.
  4. Piano finger stretching can also help.

This will help you master the technique. But sometimes it’s too lazy to invent your own movements, and most often there are no original ideas left. Therefore, we go to YouTube and watch trends on this topic. There are a lot of them.

Help! Don’t be afraid that your video won’t hit your audience. You can always try to do something better than others.

Selection of combinations

As already mentioned, to expand the choice, use Internet sources. It is advisable to choose several options at once to see which one will be the most worthy for the post. In Tik Tok, it is important to respect the 15 second time frame.

Using music and effects

In this matter, it is important not to overdo it, because the main thing is still fingers, and not flashes of fire in the background. For better promotion, put on a suitable soundtrack for the conditions. Pick up just a couple of effects. They must also be appropriate. You make videos primarily for users. They need movement.

Writing process

So, the movements are learned, the will is gathered into a fist, the time has come for the most important thing. So, the execution can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Open the application, press the center button.
  2. Choose music using the hashtag #fingertempo or #fingerdance.
  3. Create a unique video in 15 seconds and save it.
  4. Set up special effects.
  5. Describe your video in a creative way using additional hashtags for SEO optimization.
Important! For simplicity, record the video in fragments using gluing. Then you can try to do it in one take.

You can try to shoot a group option: duo, trio and more people. Additional coordination training will be required. The effect will be much cooler, because this is real professionalism.


Any activity requires effort to be successful. If you follow these recommendations, the audience will easily reach for the channel. Upgrading to a higher level is also possible. All this requires work. Good luck in your endeavors!

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