Hand dance on Tik Tok

Hand dance in Tik Tok once blew up the Internet. With the help of well-chosen music, filters and an interesting idea, you can gain a large number of subscribers. Moreover, apart from the phone and desire, nothing else is needed. The program will do everything for you.

Trend dances

During the Tik Tok era, dancing became ten times more popular. Bloggers dancing to top hits get more views than other videos. trend hand dance

The following types were included in the charts of the most popular dances on TikTok.

  • Shuffle dance. Sliding movements that are paired with clear synchronization.
  • Shake dance. Unusual view. The movements are very energetic, the dancer seems to bounce on the spot. The view is also called “dance challenge”. Bloggers create movements and select music. The rest repeat the finished choreography to the same music.
  • Tutting. The hands form right angles with respect to the forearm. The palm and fingers remain straight. With the help of the rhythm of the music, fast movements are created, and a “hand dance” is formed. This dance is reminiscent of the movement of the hands of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
Warning! Tutting was pioneered by Mike Jackson in his Remember The Time video in 1991. Since then, the dance has been updated without losing the basics.

Basic rules of dance with hands

To learn how to “dance with your hands”, you need to master a few rules:

  • flex your fingers;
  • after warming up, choose a dance (it should not be too hard to perform, but no less popular);
  • remember and repeat each step in front of the mirror until you achieve synchronization with the performer.
Warning! It is not recommended to dance with your hands if you have joint disease.

Remember, only effort can achieve results. No one succeeds the first time.

Music Selection

Musical accompaniment is an important part of the video. She will get more followers. Even if you don’t like the dance, you might like the music.

So that you do not waste time searching, other dancers have already done everything for you. They have already saved music under the hashtags Fingerdance, Fingerchallenge, tatting. You only have to choose. However, you can always experiment and find something new.

How to make a video

When the dance is learned, the song is selected, you can start recording the video. The algorithm of actions is very simple.

You just need to follow 5 steps.

  1. Go to tik tok.
  2. Click on the plus sign in the bottom center of the screen.start shooting video
  3. Turn on the selected track.
  4. Set the entry to 15 seconds.
  5. Save clip.

If you wish, you can shoot a clip in a “duet”, to do this, click on the “share” button, then click on “air” and start shooting on the second side of the screen.

Important! If you’ve already uploaded a duet and a user sends a request to remove duets with their video, your video will also be deleted. I recommend saving a copy in the gallery.

Setting up the phone and editing the video

Tatting is not a full-fledged dance where the whole body is used. Therefore, the need to use a tripod for the entire height is eliminated. Even if you don’t have a tripod, you can put your phone on a shelf, or on a more suitable surface.

The room where the video will be filmed should be well lit. Use LED backlighting to make the lighting more pleasing to the eye.

When the video is ready, fix the lighting with the help of Tik Tok effects, add music to the clip there and caption if necessary.

Important! Always use hashtags, they will help reach a larger circle of subscribers.


Tik Tok has no strict rules for dancing. You can learn and improve any of them. Your popularity depends on desire and creativity.

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