Tik Tok account verification

On some pages of the social network, you can see a blue checkmark – this means “verified account”. Want to also, but don’t know, how to verify your Tik Tok account? Read our article.

Why get verified on TikTok

Verification is required for both popular tik tok bloggers and business account holders. Verification is a technology used to verify the reliability, accuracy, and correctness of information. The blue check mark in Tik Tok verifies the identity of public figures, celebrities and brands. why go through verification


  • This checkbox comes with trust. It confirms that the account belongs to you, and not a fake.
  • The price of advertising on verified accounts can be an order of magnitude higher.
  • TikTok’s algorithms are rumored to make verified accounts more likely to appear in recommendations and get more likes.
  • Verified accounts often interact with other verified accounts. A blue check mark means that your favorite celebrities or influencers in the app can reply to your comments and private messages, or even your business partnership requests.

There are several categories of tik tok verification

Types of verification in tik tok can be divided into three categories:

A profile that is only gaining popularity

If the account has a check mark, it confirms that the user has gained popularity. The verification decision is made by a special algorithm, and the following requirements are taken into account when making it:

  • Activity. It is important to regularly watch videos from other users.
  • Number of followers from 20 to 50,000. With more than 50,000 followers, the chances of getting a blue tick are the highest.
  • Creativity. Creating unique content that captures the attention of users is considered a strong argument for getting a tick.

Famous blogger

A popular Tiktoker must have at least 200,000 followers. It’s hard to get a blue tick in this verification category. In addition, every two months after receipt, an additional check is carried out. If the tiktoker account no longer meets the required conditions, the checkbox is removed. The verification is carried out automatically and free of charge.


For millionaire bloggers, the account is automatically verified. This type of verification is available not only to media personalities. Even ordinary users can get a blue tick, but for this you need to gain more than a million subscribers.

How to get verified on TikTok

To get a blue tick on tik tok, use the tips below: verification options

Find your niche and post quality content

To promote any brand, you need to upload popular and original content every day. Once you become popular enough, it will be easy for you to attract, retain and grow your followers. That is why it is important to start developing catchy, attractive material.

Many popular bloggers are also looking for content, give them a reason to talk about you. Appearing on popular communities, YouTube clips, and podcasts with other respected creators is a great way to boost your account.

Pass verification on another social network

Having a check mark on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will have a big advantage for TikTok verification.

Create viral videos

It may seem obvious, but most blue checkmark accounts have at least one major viral video. High activity and engagement are two key indicators that TikTok pays attention to when verifying accounts. Hitting the “For You” page of the site can be a big boost for your followers and viewers and will grab the attention of TikTok. tik tok virus videos

Interact with your audience

Leave comments. This will help you attract potential subscribers and also increase views.

Follow the Rules

Tik-Tok algorithms check accounts against community guidelines. If you break these rules, your account will be flagged by moderators and this may lower your chances of getting a blue tick.Violations include the promotion of illegal substances and alcohol.

Problems getting blue checkmark

There are times when your account meets all the requirements for a blue check mark, but you don’t get it automatically. To do this, you need to contact those TikTok support, and list the following data:

  • Tik Tok profile link.
  • Number of followers.
  • Link to accounts in other social networks.
  • Number of followers in other services.

How long does it take to get the “Verified profile” status

The status of “Verified profile” is checked at the beginning of each month from the 1st to the 10th day.

Many people think that profile verification is a quick process. In fact, this can take a long time. On average, requests are processed in approximately three business days. If there are no problems, the process can be completed faster.

There are situations when the process is delayed for weeks or even months. Most often this happens due to the negligence of users who do not provide all their data in the application. Many people forget to send scans of documents. Without this, you will not be able to get the status of a verified account. To avoid problems when considering an application, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary documents in advance.

We hope our article was useful for you. Follow our tips and you will definitely get a blue tick on Tik Tok!

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